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Mentoring and Coaching



TLA helps individuals adjust to the culture in an organization. A new professional may not be accustomed to the practices and behaviour necessary to be successful.  We provide the new professional with the information on the culture, organizational structure, and procedures that will help the individual be successful.  Mentoring can assist with the adjustment period to help a new professional get up to speed and also provide the worker with a leader he can turn to with questions.  


Growth and Development

TLA programs provide the mentee with real-life, real-world knowledge to bridge the gap between educational goals and aspirations and real life situations.  We assist the individual with leadership skills and remaining in touch with other professionals.


Leadership and Development

  • Morale

  • Engagement

  • Career development

  • Supportive atmosphere

  • Loyalty

  • Productivity

  • Goal Setting

  • Strategic Planning

Transforming Lives Academy mentoring programs help businesses and professionals develop and build new skills.  Students utilize our mentoring program to align their goals.  Organizations implement mentoring programs to align the goals of the company with the professional development of its employees. Coaching and mentoring have been perceived to be very beneficial for all involved.

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