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I Can Program

Transforming Lives Academy I Can Tutoring Program offers tutoring for all subjects, test preparation, essay writing tutoring, college application assistance, reading and other educational services. Transforming Lives Academy invites you to help increase educational advancement of our youth. Literacy is the framework by which we expand our thinking, communicate, and have the ability to connect with others.  

Literacy Programs are Needed

In the United States, 1 in 3 fourth-graders test proficient in reading?  Most children that are not proficient struggle throughout the rest of their education, trying to catch up.

Children from disadvantaged home have scored below basic reading levels based on findings of school assessments.  There is 61% of low income families do not have children books at home.   Many of these children families can't afford tutoring or to have books in their home.   Transforming Lives Academy I Can Program was developed to help disadvantaged youth struggling in school in large part because they don’t have the familiarity with books, necessary resources, or programs to help build the necessary building blocks of literacy.  

The I Can Program Helps Improve Literacy


Transforming Lives Academy's I Can Program provides a way to improve literacy in our schools and at home.  The program offers students the opportunity to stay on track as they grow up as readers and learners. The I Can Program:

  • Helps with reading, writing, and goal setting; 

  • Provides literacy support for teachers, parents, schools, and the community;

  • Provides program materials for teachers, parents, and the student to track progress;

  • The program is run year-round to enable students the ability to enjoy reading more effectively as they improve their literacy over time.



Transforming Lives Academy offers tutoring for all subjects and all ages, test preparation, essay writing tutoring, college application assistance, and other educational services are provided.
Social Studies
English Grammar, Literature, and Writing

• Algebra 1 and 2

• Geometry

• Trigonometry/Analysis/Pre-calculus

• Calculus

• Probability & Statistics

• Physical Science

• Earth Science

• Biology

• Chemistry

• Physics

• Anatomy/Physiology

• AP Physics

• AP Chemistry

• AP Biology

• Environmental Science


• U.S. History

• World History

• Geography

• Civics

• Comparative Government

• Anthropology

• Economics

• Psychology

• Writing skills

• Grammar

• Vocabulary

• Critical Reading

Test Prep

Your Custom-Made ACT, PSAT, SAT & GED Test Preparation Program


(Sessions arranged on an hourly basis)


GED Preparaion

PSAT Preparation

SAT Preparation
ACT Preparation

College Application Essay Assistance

Extra Sessions

Computer Training

We provide one day computer training classes introductory through advanced courses. Classes are instructor-led and interactive. Each training provides interactive exercises and our instructor provides software training with clear instruction. 

Get Involved


  • We provide workshops at the local library and churches to create excitement around reading, book circulation, library card drives, and to help build literacy in the community.


  • We provide a collaboration with local schools to ensure they understand the importance of bridging the gap in reading, literacy, and how they can play a vital role in enabling students to achieve their full potential.​

  • When a school participates in the I Can Program, students engage in reading, writing, and communicating with their peers, teachers, and parents which help to enhance their literacy.


  • Parents read with their children and talk about what they read routinely.  Parental involvement increases literacy in the home. It also provides a fun interaction that the whole family can be involved and participating to show the student support.​

The I Can Program Starts with You

Your investment in the I Can Program will leave a lasting impression and legacy of transformation for youth and their families.

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